CEYES is one of the world’s leading consultancy firms for research, products, design and management of tire and artificial turf recycling facilities through re-cycled and up-cycled rubber.

Are you considering setting up a waste tire recycling plant? We offer you the best business solutions!

Worldwide more and more countries already forbid regular waste disposal of tires due to their recycling potential and health concerns.

For over more than 30 years, MTB Manufacturing worked on the optimization of the mechanical recycling of tires, in partnership with us and their customers. Today, we are able to offer numerous solutions for the processing of tires, from the most simple to the most advanced:


  • Simple reduction in size and volume using our Pre-shredders,
  • Manufacture of TDF with or without steel by combining the Shearer and the Pre-Shredder,
  • Complete granulation line (granulate 0-4 mm),
  • Refining of the granulate (0 – 1.5 mm),
  • Textile cleaning system for a clean textile and a rubber yield which can be up to 78,
  • Clean Wire System, for a clean steel up to 98% depending upon the chosen setting.


Besides CEYES’s ultimate closed loop solution, it also enables an important CO2 reduction. The GATOR, TIRE, IRON or CEYES box can be placed closed to cities or any other desired destinations. As, according to the data world bank, transport accounts for 20.14% of the global CO2 emissions, it highlights the importance of recycling and producing locally. CEYES is the key to a greener future. circular economy say yes.

Social and environmental responsibility
Build on excellent partnerships

Engineering, Infrastructure, Building and Technical Installation.


Engineering comes from Experience

With its constant innovation, MTB offers complete recycling plants throughout the world, enabling them to propose global solutions for the reuse of all types of waste. Furthermore, MTB accompanies industrialists in their recycling approach by intervening in the design and creation of lines. They optimize the recycling processes in partnership with their customers.

Training, Implementation and Instructions.


CEYES shall take responsibility and an active role in the start-up procedures of the plant together with the manufacturer. In addition, CEYES shall also help with the educating and training  of the involved employees until the plant is fully functional.

Responsibility and training

Devising services and maintenance schedules not only require a broad knowledge of the relevant tools and how to use them, but also an efficient interplay of technology and methodology with the extensive experience of the industry.

Start Up production, Training and After Care



  • Management, sales, and rubber technology training
  • Machine operation, maintenance, and safety training
  • Production, planning, and control.

Implementation of the training

  • Operational training programs for users.
  • An activity logbook will be used to track training progress. All coaches will supervise and sign off on completed activities and training.
  • The coach will provide training materials and issue a report of each learning session.

At the end of the training program, the participant will receive a certificate of completion issued by ceyes.


Aftercare Project


The aftercare project will ensure that your system is characterized by high productivity and system availability. CEYES Knowledge Center is at your service to solve problems during daily operation.

We can select and develop markets for high value derivative products and distribute them through our own world-wide customer networks.