Closed loop innovation

The lifespan of an artificial grass field is around ten to twelve years, after which the entire field must be renewed. The old artificial grass mat can be recycled. The rubber grain remains as residual material. The grain is still usable, but due to the loss of elastic properties, it is not always for artificial grass pitches.

CEYES developed the circular CE Green City panel, a stormwater retention panel that can serve as the basis for a green roof and for infrastructure. The panel made entirely from rubber granules has both drainage and a retention reduction. After a rain shower, about 20 liters of water remain in the panel. If it is dry, the water evaporates and provides a cooling effect on a summer’s day.

Green roofs absorb CO2, which compensates. The production of a CE Green City panel with rubber granules requires only 6.14 kg of CO2 per m2, while the balance between production and absorption of CO2 is only four to eight years. With a lifespan of 100+ years, the CE Green City panel is a very environmentally friendly solution and the panel itself is 100% recyclable again.

The basis of a circular economic application of rubber lies in small-scale and local processing; local processing is more environmentally friendly. To prevent large transport distances, CEYES, part of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, wants to install semi-mobile Hubs in large cities.